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Initiation Programme

                Delia English Primary School & Kindergarten has been invited by the Education Bureau to launch a half-year government sponsored “Initiation Programme” since 2002.  This programme is designed to ease students who are newly arrived, into the mainstream education and a new life in Hong Kong.


                 The highlight of this programme is the individualized focus of the lessons.  Specialized teachers carefully assess each of their students’ abilities and needs in order to create suitable lessons and learning materials that will help them adjust to an unfamiliar setting.  The classes are smaller, which promotes a rapport among students, teachers and parents, that is essential to creating a familiarity and comfort with the school and the surroundings.


                 To enable students to start their new life here, class trips to various local facilities are arranged, for example, notable places in the neighbourhood, museums, theatres and other places of cultural significance. This programme, though lasting for only six months, has proved a success as students become attuned when placed within the mainstream curriculum for their local education.  

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