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Our Vision

We empower our students to be active learners with self-regulation and cultural awareness to grow into caring and creative contributors benefiting the community.

Our Mission

To educate young people, irrespective of their nationality, religion, family background and academic standard.

          Our school community is truly diverse, culturally and ethnically, and yet, secure and harmonious in its learning environment that promotes a multi-cultural education. English is the medium of instruction and the main social language for our students, many of whom are non-Chinese native speakers from various countries, including but not limited to India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Japan and Canada. Differing in native tongue they may be, as they learn Chinese through Cantonese as well as Putonghua, they also learn to integrate with the local people.


            Our curriculum aims to bring students close to their neighbours and the community. Aside from the basic primary school curriculum of Hong Kong offering English, Chinese, Mathematics, General Studies, Computer, Art, Music and PE, the additional subject of Geography takes students to explore Hong Kong and extends their horizons to various corners of the world. Further assisted by the Personal Growth and Social Education Programme, the heart to understand and respect others can be nurtured at a young age. The forward-looking learning programme also allows our graduates options to study in local or other schools.


            We are committed to providing students with an enjoyable and rewarding school life balancing work and play. Students are encouraged to maximize their potential not only in pursuing knowledge but also interests of their own outside the classroom. Our students enthusiastically take part in activities and competitions such as the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival, Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival. Amid awards received year after year, it is students’ will to face challenges and strive for the best that counts most. Collaborating with supportive parents, we shall bring hope to the world.

Ms. C. Chor


Our principal                             Ms. Chor

Principal's Message

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